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Sales Training​

According to McKinsey, High performers deliver as much as 8x the output of their peers. The GAP between a mid-performing salesperson and a high-performing person is high. Businesses run because of the efficient sales team and we understand that totally and our sales program has closing techniques for better conversion. Also selling is an art which every salesperson should master. 

Sales Training Solution

Top 20% sales man drive the sales equal to 80 % of the remaining sales people. But most sales person cannot answer what different they do. As selling is an art not science. Ones conviction plays a major role in closing the sales along with other factors like goal planning to get expected results along with deep knowledge for the products. Most sales executive have never used the product they are selling in the market. Our training cover all the aspects of the selling technique from planning to closing sales not for the month but also for the year. Most planning in sales is for the day or for the month and the cycle builds pressure at the end of the month and loses interest in the job. Our programs are designed to cover the aspect of handling sales and deadline pressure.

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What you will learn

  • Get better at Cold calling to a warm lead to close the deal. 
  • Sales technique to help you close more leads .
  • Stages of selling process and to ensure to keep your sales funnel full while keeping your pipeline flowing with prospects.
  • Art of Negotiation and persuasion in selling  
  • Manage your leads and sales cycle to avoid trap of month end pressure and get maximum incentive
  • Motivate yourself to achieve your maximum potential for the rest of your life
  • Lead management so leads do not get lost  

Additional Information

Who is this training for?

  • This training is ideal for all employees in sales department
  • Sales training can help you sell irrespective of the product you sell
What is the training duration?
  • Most of our programs are for 1-2 days
  • Also to harness power of its application we offer 3 months program

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