What We Provide

Professional Growth Training

Most individuals struggle on what should they do in career & before they realize 10-15 years have passed. You know why? They have not been taught about it. All what one knows is get good score & you life is set! Here our signature course helps you to help you a part of life where you will spend 9-14 hours daily for next 40 years of your precious life.

Professional Growth Solution

Our Professional Growth training Program is designed for individuals who want to earn more in their career and be happy with their success. We help you navigate on should you stay in the job or make a move and how to tackle common issues one face during career span of 40- 50 years. We help to know your passion – what you truly want then how to navigate to get what you want from where you are. How to make a resume that reflects your qualities, how to clear the interview and learn the art of negotiation when it comes to remuneration. How to project yourself from day 1 as a valuable resource and get promoted faster with better raise in the next appraisal. Our mission is to support individuals get what he had imagined after getting good grades in college to make it a reality in corporate world.

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What you will learn

  • Purpose of your career life and what are you good at. (not some tests but getting deep into ones mindset at various levels)
  • How to look for a job where you choose your boss, company and salary
  • Making a resume that gets attention and get in the hands of the right person
  • Mentally prepare for your next interview
  • Give interview and have an idea before hand about your selection
  • How to learn what amount to ask for Salary hike 
  • Join organisation in the field of your passion
  • Getting promoted faster and appreciated by bosses

Additional Information

Who is this training for?

  • This training is ideal for all employees in sales department
  • Sales training can help you sell irrespective of the product you sell
What is the training duration?
  • Most of our programs are for 1-2 days
  • Also to harness power of its application we offer 3 months program

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