Prevention Of Sexual Harassement

What We Provide

PoSH Training

The Government of India has put into effect the Sexual Harassment of Women at workplace Act 2013 commonly known as POSH Law to help create safe & healthy work environment for women.

This training is mandatory for organizations to conduct POSH. Organization  can attract heavy penalties if the laws is not followed within the organization.

Create a safe & respectful work culture with our POSH training. We dont just educate the Act,we instill a deep understanding, fostering empathy & respect.

Training Solution

All organizations (whether public or private) having 10 or more employees (whether permanent, temporary, ad-hoc, consultants, interns or contract workers irrespective of gender) are mandated under Law to comply with certain requirements laid down under the POSH Act. More & more women are joining the workforce. While this is an encouraging sign, this can also means increase in cases of sexual harassment. The menace of Sexual Harassment is known to all. Lets provide a safe working environment for our employees.

What you will learn

  • Define Sexual harassment & offensive behavior that can be considered harassment
  • Explain the statutory regulations & legal background of sexual harassment
  • Mitigate the risk of compliance breaches
  • Identify & prevent sexual harassment in the work place
  • Ensure that employees are aware of their compliance responsibilities

Additional support

We would like to help organizations with additional support with out esteemed team of Lawyers who would help in all the legalities under the Post Act. 

All legal consultants (Lawyers) associated with us are current practitioners at Gujarat High Court & come with an experience of legal practice for atleast 15+ years.

We provide competent professionals that can serve as your PoSH external member on your internal committee.

Let us take care of all your PoSH related challenges, so you can work on your business , peacefully.

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