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Money Talk! Free Training

Do you want a session on Money talk which is fun filled edutainment program? But the program should also be regulated by authority, and NO Sales on post webinar!

You are at the right place place where we provide free training regulated by SEBI & no sales pitch at the end of the training, gauranteed !

Many reputed global organizations have conducted “Financial Literacy Surveys” in India over last few years. India was ranked 23rd among 28 countries surveyed across the world and last among the 16 Asian countries surveyed. Key highlights of these surveys are as follows:

  • 76% of adult Indians do not adequately understand key financial concepts
  • Only 14% understood risk diversification
  • Only 14% of the Indians saved with a formal financial institution
  • Only 33% of the Indians are putting aside money for retirement
  • 45% of the participants feel that it is better to spend money on enjoying life than saving for retirement
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What you will learn

  • Enhanced awareness about investing in general and invest options in particular
  • Better money management leading to financial prosperity and peace of mind.
  • Better planning for important financial goals (Marriage, Dream home, Dream car, Vacations and Retirement)

Program Pre-requisites

Its 100% FREE program for financial awareness

  • On-line program via zoom or other similar platform as per your choice
  • Time duration of the talk would be 90 minutes
  • Batch size should be minimum 40 + participants.

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